If in a movie a guy gets cancer, shaves his head, goes through chemo and ends up having surgery, you would probably think you were watching a movie about cancer. Well, you would be a fool! This is a movie about friendship. Not the clingy kind one. Not the cry on your shoulder type of friendship. The kind of friendship Friedriech Nietzsche would approve.

Rejoicing in our joy

not suffering over our suffering

is what makes someone a friend.”


2 thoughts on “NIETSZCHE’S INSIGHT ON 50/50

  1. Can’t wait to see this movie. Thanks for the review, and thanks for the comment on my post on Anna Karenina. Best of luck reading. I’m officially, according to my Kindle, 38% into the novel. 🙂 Whatever that means.

    1. I highly recommend this movie! 🙂
      I’m currently on page 90 but I’m kind of letting it sit on the shelf because of the other book I’m reading. But as soon as I finish it I’ll dive into those russians!
      Thanks for the visit!


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