105 min  -  Comedy | Crime
Ratings: 7.4/10 from 19,787 users   Metascore: 56/100  
Reviews: 104 user | 123 critic | 24 from Metacritic.com
 Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Writer: Bobcat Goldthwait
Stars: Joel MurrayTara Lynne Barr and Mackenzie Brooke Smith 

If you haven’t watched this movie, please watch this trailer. It is beautiful, thrilling and amusing. It’s full of violence and blood and it is deprived of political correctness. It is by far the best thing about this movie.

Some guy finds out he has a terminal illness – whoop-de-doo – and decides to do something worthwhile during his last days on this beautiful earth. His resolution is to get rid of some spoiled brat from a reality show. As he carries out this honourable endeavour, he is watched by the only teenager in the world who has balls enough not to run away, and is blood thirsty enough to convince that that is just the beginning. From there on they go on a killing rampage with some entertaining moments – most of which you can find in the trailer.

Parking 101

This seems like a good enough plot for an entertaining movie, and as far as killing rampages go, this one’s target seems right on… target. And the initial sequence is just beautiful. A sequence culminating in tiny, cute, tit-suckling red mist that will set your dopamine levels on max if you’re a psychopath; that will set your guilt levels on max if you’re a normal person, because it is not normal to find pleasure in something so revolting; or, your rage levels on max if you’re boring, and have no sense of humour. The scene ends with a comforting/revolting waking up. It is the beginning of the movie going downhill…

The main actor is Joel Murray, whose work hardly deserves his status as a main man. The young girl is unknown to me and her performance has very little appeal to it. It’s understandable how most stars wouldn’t want to touch this movie with a ten foot pole but I still wonder how better this movie would be with a duo of Chloë Grace Moretz and Nicholas Cage (Kick Ass) or 20 years ago Jean Reno and Natalie Portman (Leon). From the moment the two of them meet (ridiculously implausible), until the end of the movie, they don’t share any sort of chemistry. Their relationship is unexplained and unexplainable. They’re just cardboard figures the director uses to say he’s pissed at the current state of affairs.

Almost a nipple slip

The positive reviews of this movie find its solace in the social critique it makes. The way it points out society’s flaws and bla, bla. Well, this is no social critique. Comparing this movie to social critique is the same as saying that the work Saramago does, while creating a book that is a metaphor to societies flaws, with incredible detail and with possible implications and possible inferences, is the same as walking into two nursing home escapees, who amidst teeth clattering and coffee drinking, say that society today is fucked. Well guess what, it is. They know that, I know that and you know that. Everybody knows that society is fucked. The only ones who don’t know that it is are the ones staring in at their TV screens, eating chicken wings and drinking whatever fluids are necessary to make the roots attached to their sofas grow stronger. If they get their hands on this movie that won’t change a thing. There’s no need for movies to alert us for something we already know. I’m writing this in a period in which once again it’s been shown plainly how fucked-up things are in the USA, a time when once again the USA has been the background for a new atrocity: the bashing of great jokes about the Aurora shootings.

Here’s my contribution:

A truly terrible incident… In the meanwhile, thousands and thousands of Twilight screenings continue undisturbed.


2 thoughts on “God Bless America and here’s an Aurora Massacre Joke

  1. A truly terrible incident… In the meanwhile, thousands and thousands of Twilight screenings continue undisturbed.



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