Hannibal How to cook a meal

Episode 9 and I’m finally married to Hannibal, the TV show. Almost.

The first episodes had some fine details but their structure was so flat, they became flattened as well.

The main character is not Hannibal, but Will. I almost had to google him, but I remembered Mads Mikkelsen’s voice calling for the sad basterd. I assume he’s a functioning sociopath, like Tony Soprano, without the gut or the guts. He is filled with characterization but lacks character.

Morpheus plays his boss. Things get complicated for him as the episodes go by, and that adds something to the show, but not much. He plays the father figure who commands attention and respect of anyone in a two mile radius, and antagonizes Will into making the right decisions. He plays the bad cop to Will’s mild cop.

Reference to Matrix

There’s also a hot chick who plays the hot chick.

All cardboard characters except the one who lends his name to the title. Hannibal is an extremely polite man. He appreciates the little things in life, and knows how to. He likes fine dining and wining. He has an acute sense of style to go along with his acute senses. He’s the friend who seems to lack the ability to do anything wrong. You’ll never see him trip, misspell a word or let a bead of sweat stain his armpits. You don’t find him annoying as you find that friend of yours, but you envy him. Yes, you envy the guy who eats human liver with fava beans.

The boldest move the creators of Hannibal make, and they are few, was to use the man-eating gentleman as a side character. They keep the 5 carat diamond ring in the pocket, until the girl threatens to leave and then they let her have a peak and you hang around some more.

Episode 9 is all about Hannibal. Excellent camera work and montage give us more insight into this character than the previous 8 together. The girl bangs the ring on the table and it doesn’t break. She’s not an expert, but it seems like the real deal.

Episode 10 will be the first week after the Honey moon.

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2 thoughts on “Hanibal is Mads

  1. People have been recommending this show to me. I’m still a bit hesitant. There are so many good things to watch. What do you think: a must see? You seem a bit hesitant as well…

    1. Yeah, it’s not a must-see. The structure is too CSIesque 🙂 The main character sucks, and Laurence Fishburn is not so good. But Hannibal is amazing, and Mads Mikkelsen is an amazing actor. Episode 9 was finally great because the emphasis is on him.
      On the same genre I’d definitely recommend you Luther, which is so much better!


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