Dexter opened the door for serial killers to become the good guys. Don’t hold me to it, I didn’t ace my History of Television course. Hannibal tore the door of its hinges. I suspect hordes of serial killers are sharpening their knives, loading their rifles and rigging their explosive purple onions, to take over TV. While this happens, TV’s most chilling and unique killer slipped by the door unnoticed.

Alice is an orphan, as of a few hours ago. She’s interrogated by Luther, who lends his name to the TV show. She is the suspect of the murder of her mother and father and the family pet. We’re not sure who the killer is, but he/she’s obviously ruthless and devoid of feelings since the pet is not a cat but a dog.

The two of them develop a relationship unusual in police dramas. Luther as the lead and Alice as a looming presence, driving Luther’s actions and overseeing what he does. Watching, manipulating, controlling. An omniscient evil god, much like Yahowah or Allah, but real. Their relationship changes and evolves. It twists in ways Oldboy‘s director would be proud.

Ruth Wilson plays Alice. There’s no doubt she’s a good actress but she obviously got her part because of her looks. Fiery hair and white as shroud. Her face is made of rubber. If Jack Nicholson tried to arch his eyebrows to the degree she does he’d need re-constructive surgery to detach them from the base of his skull. And her lips… Her lower lip is overshadowed by her thin protruding upper lip. Her smile is as unique as eerie; no two lips can chill me me as hers.

Alice doesn't live here anymore
Alice doesn’t live here anymore

Her chilling performance is reason enough to watch the show, but there’s much more going on. I’ll re-watch the show and post a more detailed analysis. In the meanwhile, before Dexter comes back give it a look. They’re only a few episodes.

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