3 Reasons to Hate Fandom [click to find out]

I watch so much TV and films I should list it on my résumé in the category of “Past Activities” instead of “Hobbies”. And I love them. A might watch twice a full TV series if I moderately like it. If I love it, there’s no limit to the amount of times I’ll re-watch it. If you tell me what Jerry did in an episode of Seinfeld, I’ll tell what Kramer, Elaine and George were up to in that same episode. If you chat with me, I can properly reply solely with GIF’s from Community. I’ll perfectly imitate the imitation of Sal from The Sopranos imitating Michael from The Godfather. I know the chicken dances from all characters in Arrested Development, and if you correct me in any of these I’ll say you’re making a huge mistake. 

I fit most criteria to be a board certified fanboy but, in the same way Harry, sporting the Sorting Hat, was told he fit the criteria to be a Slytherin decided to be in Grynfindor, I decide to not be a fanboy. Here’s why:

1. Fandom resembles religion. If you read my posts you might have noticed subtle hints at my lack of respect for organized religion. I did a joke implying I heard the Bible read by God himself here. In that same post I put The God Delusion as one of the books I’ve read. You also might have noticed another post where I said religious people should all by murdered in a horrible manner. They were subtle hints, so I don’t blame you for missing. You also might notice the opposite, that I won’t side with the atheist cause. People lose individuality when they associate with a group with tight guidelines. With religion it’s my god is better than yours, in fandom it’s my fictionalized story is better than yours.

Gif. #Jeff #community #sixseasonandamovie #tumblr Gif. #Jeff #community #sixseasonandamovie #tumblr Gif. #Jeff #community #sixseasonandamovie #tumblr


2. Fandom makes your rational thinking go bye-bye. Community‘s first three seasons were brilliant. The thought of seeing it cancelled haunted my trips to the Dreamatorium. Hearing the news of the 4th season being a certainty, made my day, that day. The first episode burst my bubble and I watched the whole season with a burst bubble, in hope of a bubble inflation. It was so horrible I thought casting Ashton Kutcher in the main role would improve it. I said this in a tweet, in a brilliant way, I might add. The shows hashtag had been #sixseasonsandamovie and I tweeted #threeseasonswereenough. Fanboys/fangirls crucified me, and on the third day they still hadn’t realize their favourite show had gone bad. Not being a fanboy allows you to keep your critical thinking. I stopped watching How I met your Mother after 7 seasons of continuous watching. True Blood, when they made up fairies in the second season, I think. The Walking Dead, when it started becoming a mix of Desperate Housewives and How to Educate your Teenage Brat. Grey’s Anatomy, when I tried to be more manly.

3. Fanboys/fangirls are spoilers. If you watch a show like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, where characters are liable to die at the hands of zombies or high lords, you must beware of spoilers. You either watch the episode as soon as it comes out or go to Amishland until you can watch it, because the internet will soon be filled with images and memes of your favourite characters’ heads separated from their bodies, or their eyes clouded by zombie goo.

3 Reasons to Hate Fandom [click to find out]

But, as a good Slyhterin has value, also has a good fanboy/fangirl. While I sat doing nothing while good shows were being cancelled, fanboys/fangirls did their best to stop these efforts. Community would have a single season if it weren’t for them. Arrested Development wouldn’t have returned, if it weren’t for them. If it weren’t for them, Chuck would have been cancelled (I wouldn’t necessarily thank them for this one).

Thank you, fanboys/fangirls.*

*this post followed the rules of gender neutrality, therefore it’s feminist approved.

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13 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Hate Fandom

  1. So let me sum this up.
    1-You hate people who enjoy things so much that they want to get together and enjoy them as a group.
    2-Fans suck because their opinions on what they like are different from your own.
    3-Everyone online should just stop enjoying their favorite media because you’re too lazy to filter potential spoilers.

    Nice, real nice.

    1. I used to have assignments in primary school where I’d be graded on summarizing bigger texts. If you did, you probably had terrible grades!
      1- No.
      2- No.
      3- No.
      I hate certain kinds of soup and vegetables, but I hate no person in particular. I can even see Hitler’s charm. There are reasons to hate fanboys/fangirls, though. It’s a generalizing post, obviously, and the title lends itself to critique for being marketing oriented. But I never said any of them things you summed up.
      I dislike the fact some people lose both their individuality and their critical sense when they associate with a group. Spoilers are not avoided by work, but by chance. I saw huge spoilers on the day after a show came out on Facebook and Pinterest.

      1. Alright I will agree that I may have not fairly judged what you were trying to say in your first point. I also can understand the desire to label fandom as a sort of religion, but I think it’s an unfair assessment.

        I am an unabashed fanboy of many forms of pop culture. Certainly enough so that I am involved with many fan communities both online and off. I can honestly say that, though we may share in the love of a certain thing, we are in no way of like mind on every aspect of it.

        As for the rest of your post I think I summed it up pretty well.

        You no longer find something entertaining and someone else still enjoys it.
        Conclusion – They’re irrational.

        How the hell is that not just you justifying your opinion and using it as ammo to hate on the fans? Then you get all butt hurt because you crap on something they like and they come to it’s defense. Yes, I am sure people were not polite about it and I am sure some were downright assholes, but you put it out there. When something has meaning for people they tend to want to defend it. If I told you that something you held dear was crap and needed to go away, wouldn’t you be defensive about it?

        As for the whole spoiler thing, I think it’s time to get over it. I somehow manage to avoid 90% of the spoilers I want to avoid. It’s really not that hard. Just make sure you avoid the fan sites that tend to be spoiler heavy. It really shouldn’t be that hard, especially seeing as you hate fandom so much anyway.

      2. I think you missed the point I make about the “marketing” oriented naming of the post. It’s not a lie, but it’s ambigous. I didn’t say I hated fandom, I said there are 3 reasons to hate it. That doesn’t invalidate there are qualities to it. I’d take all the spoilers in the world so I could see more episodes of Community or Arrested Development that only happened because fanboys got together. I enjoy a lot of what’s out there of my favourite shows (print screens of every cool scene, art work, videos, etc.)
        And I don’t get butt-hurt for anything other than spicy food or butt-sex (I imagine). I didn’t really care they disagreed with me, it was just a sign their fandom clouded their judgement. I attributed their defensiveness to fanboy thinking, but it might just be just awful taste. Season 4 of Community was bad. REALLY BAD.
        And I understand getting defensive about something, but I usually use reasoning to defend what I like. What I see from fanboys is a gang mentality when they’re being attacked, though I’m sure they show individuality amongst themselves. It’s normal in groups.
        And the spoilers are really unavoidable. Again, I saw spoilers on Pinterest and Facebook. Just scrolling down, as I always do. [Spoilers about TWD and GoT] Every death from The Red Wedding a few days after it aired, T-Bone’s Death, Merle as a Zombie. Pretty big spoilers.

  2. I very much agree with this. I too enjoy a number of shows but have never joined the fandoms that correlate with them simply for the fact that I also want to keep a critical view. Greys Anatomy and Chuck are good examples of this. Great post by the way!

    1. Thanks! And it’s really annoying. The example of Community… anyone with half a brain could see the show plummeted in quality, but I still got flack for criticizing it.


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