[read about] the differences and similarity between both #hbo shows. #GoT vs #Girls

Podrick went to a whore house, all expenses paid. An assortment of beautiful and exotic women are presented as his satisfiers. We learn later that he was the satisfier and they refused to take his benefactors’ money, probably at the expense of some admonition from their pimp – not sure if they used that term in Westeros 300 AL (after Aegon’s Landing). The whore-mongers Tyrion and Bronn seem to be very interested in knowing all the details. 5 minutes go by.

What can we learn from this? The way gravity affects breasts of different shapes and sizes and to really bring it when you’re paying for sex, ‘cause you might just get it for free.

Only recently I’ve became less enthused by gratuitous sex. Having to get up at the interval of a movie that just ended in a sex scene proved traumatic. Now if I’m seeing boobs, asses, and hearing moans and grunts it better be irreplaceable to the story or part of a wildlife documentary.

One of the shows that has been both heralded and criticized for doing so is Ultimate Predators. The other one isGirls, the one I’ll talk about.

Lena Dunham is the Louie of “Girls”. She does pretty much everything but appears naked a lot more. The sex scenes she wrote are never gratuitous and they do more for their characters development than hours of dialogue could. She’s in the business of showing before telling.

I will describe sex scenes in the show, which might count as spoilers. Beware.

Hannah, the character played by Lena, has sex with Adam. He’s a big guy who’s sexually dominant. Hannah seems confident in many aspects but she is basically his fuck puppet. She won’t say a word to make him aware of her needs. She literally bends to his needs so maybe he’ll give her some love.

Bad sex can be better!  #girls  #hbo @lenadunham

Marnie, Hannah’s best friend, is in a long-term with an adorable guy who adores her. She compares his touch with that of a creepy uncle. In their first love-making session she’s on all four looking at the wall, despite having previously said it makes her feel like a “piggy-bank”. She just can’t bear to look in his face and prefers to look to a blank wall thinking of Ryan Gosling, I assume. Charlie shows he’s sweeter than kettle corn, making sure he’s not hurting her and that she’s OK. Hannah and Marnie want what the other has.

Jessa, the wild “European” friend, has sex with an ex-boyfriend that is in another relationship. She does it to prove to him and herself that she can. She is wrongly empowered by her sexuality, using it self-servingly. She later realizes that.

Shoshanna, the pop culture nerd, tries to convince a man to have sex with her. She’s the least virgin virgin you’ll meet, she informs him. Her life has been spent in an effort to fit whatever Pop Culture told her she must be. A virgin at 19 is not one of them. She wants to lose her virginity and finally understand what Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda won’t shut up about. That might be the thing that’ll get her in the cool group.

We watch these characters grow and change. One of the most powerful and graphic scenes has Adam at its center. He finds a new girlfriend and seems happy and… normal. After a few dates, he reverts to his violent self. He makes his new friend crawl on the floor. He has sex with her from behind and comes on her breasts. Her reluctance might be enough to call this rape. In the end he doesn’t look at her and asks if this is it. If they’re done. His whole persona peels away as we realize he uses sex to show himself at his worst and push people away.

Bad sex can be better!  #girls  #hbo @lenadunham

That’s the kind of realization a good sex scene should aspire to. And although Podrick’s sexual prowess is a worthwhile feat, I’d take Girls awkward sex any day. No pun intended.

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3 thoughts on “HBO’S Girls vs Game of Thrones: Why Bad sex is better

  1. I too have avoided the show…the few clips I’ve seen, don’t grab my attention. From your description, it’s just what I thought it was about: girls on their very long and awkward way to become women.

    1. Well, I think this show does for young women what Louie does for middle aged guys. It shows a reality with very little clichés and with a fresh approach. And it’s fun! 🙂


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