Beautiful campus

Tic-tac, tic-tac, tic-tac; The clock is winding down. Two weeks to go, at the most. Yesterday I went to

my college, for what I hoped was the last time. The country is engulfed in flames, but on the trip

there, the whole 100kms of it, I saw no flame, no fire. It’s the peak of summer. It isn’t rainy,

cloudy, stormy, snowy, or any “y” literature and movies associate with departure.

Still, it’s time to say goodbye. These weren’t the best years of my life, as the

brochures made me believe. I wanted to keep my job and get busy

with my education. I wanted to meet different people.

Plus, Greendale has the most advanced typing class

in the Southwestern Greendale area.The fact

I could register by fax was a big

advantage. It still didn’t

culminate in the




I’d have. If

 this was my peak,

I’m scared of what’s to

come. That’s where I’m getting at.

I finished my degree and I’m now just

waiting for the diploma to get to my mailbox.

Any day now. Any day I’ll get that letter that will make

me an unemployed, 24 year old man, living with his parents,

still working to get his driver’s license, in classes with 18 year old’s.

Right now, I’m a 24 year old boy, or I think I am, who is still a student with good

grades, well read, with a few accomplishments. Get lost mail man. It’s still not the time.


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