Jew, Bigot, Cool, Black, Jock, Feminist, Asian and Indian.
22 min  –  Comedy
Ratings: 8.9/10 from 33,347 users
Reviews: 60 user | 17 critic
Creator: Dan Harmon
Stars: Joel McHaleDanny Pudi and Donald Glover


OK, I admit it. This title should figure on the seventh edition of the Oxford English Dictionary under the entry hyperbole. Or maybe under lie, falsehood or untruth.

Even though I don’t think it’s true, sometimes while I watch a new show, or a new movie for that matter, I momentarily think just that. It has probably to do with a present bias; a feeling that what is happening right now is somehow either more important or better than what you experienced before or after. We all suffer from that condition. Half of every Facebook update goes like “Best song ever”, “Best movie ever”, “Best dump ever” or “Best scene ever”. But we soon come to grip with reality and we realize that we were overstating. Maybe Adele was a little to pitchy or maybe that greenish hue took something away from what would otherwise be the dump of the century (if you want pics be sure to e-mail me). But it’s normal to overstate. It happened to me the other day. I updated my status to “Somebody to love is the greatest song ever!”, but I soon realized that it probably was just on my Top 3.

As always, I get derailed from the subject I want to explore. Community is a really fun show. Look on IMDB for details.


Post “to do list”:

“Make up a misleading title.”

“Insert random image with an attempt-at-being-funny-caption.” 

“Write off-topic stuff.” 

“Do the shortest review ever.”

“Make up list and check what I’ve done.” 

“Get more than 10 views.” X

I created this post just to share this footage I came across. It’s about Jeff’s opinion of Glee, the greatest show on TV!

“Explain what the hell this post was about.” √

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12 thoughts on “Why Community is The Best Show on TV

  1. You are the first person to “like” one of my posts on my fairly new blog. I was rather happy to get the email telling me this news. I was even happier to see the first blog post of yours it recommended to me was this one. I love Community (“Troy and Abed in the Mooorning” etc). Thanks 🙂

  2. “Iv’e told you a MILLION TIMES not to exagerate…” :o) Cheers for liking my post. No idea why but its nice to know that I am not the only one that thinks that “Cal me Fitz” is crap. I hope you enjoy your day wherever you are (too lazy to look…too early in the morning…I guess my verbal vice of choice apathetic indolence? WHATEVER :o) Again, cheers for liking my post.


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